Type in Malayalam

Welcome to Type in Malayalam! We have everything you need to make your life easier when you are learning to type in Malayalam. We have step by step instructions that have been tested and verified by our experts and by many others like you.

Congratulations on your decision to learn to type in Malayalam. In this day and age where we use computers every day right from elementary school, the ability to type, especially in English is an imperative. Look at all the benefits we get because we are able to type in English. Just the ability to copy and paste, find and replace, print text in bigger font sizes and colors, are sufficient reason to be able to type on a computer.

What do I gain by typing in Malayalam?

We speak Malayalam at home everyday. Many of us watch Malayalam TV and some of us even read magazines, news papers, and online news articles in Malayalam.. How much more rewarding it would be if you could type in Malayalam as well. Because you don’t type in Malayalam everyday, and because you type in English, you may not be able to see the value in knowing how to type in Malayalam.

Just close your eyes and imagine a world, where everyone else is still capable of doing whatever they do now, but you are not capable of typing in English. If you are honest with yourself, you will notice that you will find it hard to survive – let alone enjoy the thrills of facebook and twitter.

Now imagine the possibilities if you can just as easily switch the “language” of your keyboard, with the click of a button, and start typing in Malayalam. If you are living outside Kerala, imagine the benefits to your children if they were able to speak, read, and write, type in Malayalam.

How can I start typing in Malayalam?

All right. Now that you can see the benefits, you want to get started. First you need to accept that just like everything else you learned in life, this is not going to be easy. You probably don’t remember how you learned to walk. But you probably remember that it was not too easy to learn to ride a bicycle. Once you learned the bicycle, then learning to ride a motorbike or scooter was not so hard.

Trust me, if you know how to type in English, your fingers know where to go to type the correct character. You just need to tell your fingers a few times and they will remember. And as with everything else, it just keeps getting easier till you become comfortable with your level of achievement where you decide you are fast enough for your needs.

The next step is to understand and accept that there are different ways to type in Malayalam. Just like all roads lead to Rome. Which ever way you type, if you focus on the fact that the output must be Unicode, you are in good shape.

We know there are many proponents of the old fonts that are not Unicode compatible. But don’t be swayed by them. They will also come to Unicode one day, just as everyone moved away from animal driven carriages to automobiles.

So let’s get started already!

Great! The Tutorial page has a series of links that will guide you through the steps to become an expert. You can get started there right away.

Although our tutorial is comprehensive, there are some times new questions you will have. To ask us a question, go to our FAQ page and see if your question has been answered there already. If not, just ask another question at the bottom, and we will give you an answer ASAP.

You will also find interesting topics in our blog. Feel free to comment on our blog, we appreciate it.


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