The concept is very simple. To be able to read Malayalam on the computer you need a font that can show Malayalam. To be able to write/type in Malayalam, you also need a Malayalam keyboard on the computer. That is all you need.

On some computers you also need to activate the Malayalam language if it is not already activated.

All these three steps are easy to follow along. If you do it right, you should be done in 5 minutes.

Follow this simple Three Step Process

Step 1. Install a Malayalam font

We recommend that you install a Unicode font, because the benefits far outweigh any perceived costs.

Step 2. Install a Malayalam keyboard

Three good keyboard layouts are available. We recommend you install all three.

Step 3. Activate the Malayalam language

Sometimes the language is already activated. But if not, it is a trivial step, if you know how.


At any time you can access all the resources such as keyboard layouts, keyboard maps, recommended fonts, and other files on our Resources page.

Typing Tips and Tricks

The next steps after installing they keyboard, the language, and any fonts if needed, are to start typing. There are multiple ways to do this. You can type directly in Malayalam in Word, or you can do it phonetically – either directly in Word or online at various websites.

BTW if you just want to get started typing without installing fonts and keyboards, the simplest way is to do it at a website that provides a transliteration engine. Look for tips on this page.


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